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Risk Assessment

Paladin’s comprehensive Security Threat Risk Assessments are founded on CPTED principles, industry-standard references, best practices, acquired knowledge, and professional experience. Our Assessments are viewed through four lenses – Threat Risk, Physical Security, Security Systems, and Emergency Management. We analyze an environment to assess security threats, corporate governance, organizational structure, and physical security elements to identify vulnerabilities. We interpret the vulnerabilities and report with prioritized recommendations tailored to the organization’s engineering, technology, and corporate culture.

We aim to highlight opportunities to mitigate risk while maximizing operational efficiency by leveraging technological advances, data analytics, and security department operations.


Paladin collaborates with clients to determine the best balance between risk, physical security, systems, and procedural measures to establish a safe and secure working environment.

Risk Assessments are grounded in decades of experience. We apply a solution-based model that focuses on effective and efficient assessment, analysis, design, integration, and implementation, including training and continuous improvement that ensures a client’s security program reaches its target maturity state.

Our team of expert Consultants has extensive experience in Security, Risk, Crisis and Emergency Management, consulting on human safety, active threat, personal protection, and corporate security. We deliver advisory, planning, training, sourcing (of equipment), and response solutions for our clients in the mining, healthcare, education, critical infrastructure, seaports and airports, government, communities, construction, and cannabis sectors.

Our service exceeds the industry’s best standards, is intelligence-driven, and aligns with a client’s corporate culture, vision, and goals.

  • Threat Risk Assessments
  • Physical Security Assessment – facility and surrounding buildings; doors, walls, windows, and exterior environmental design
  • Operational Security Review – staffing model and levels, security policy and procedures
  • Security Systems Review – access control, CCTV, intrusion detection, mass notification, recommendations for technology
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Emergency Management Review and Program Delivery
  • Crisis Management Review and Program Delivery


  • Assessment of threat and security risk
  • Identification of challenges, gaps, and vulnerabilities
  • Development of risk mitigation strategies
  • Delivery of tailored security programs
  • Effective and efficient security management

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