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Paladin Risk Solutions provides the support and evidence gathering needed to ensure lawful protest and draws upon its wealth of experience from internal subject matter experts and past high-profile labour actions to anticipate and mitigate potential issues.

Paladin provides tailored labour risk management services for superior solutions to Canada’s industry leaders in pre-strike contingency planning, emergency response plans and injunction support. This is realized through the deployment of Risk Prevention Operatives (RPO’s) licensed private investigators specifically trained in labour risk evidence gathering and support techniques.

Paladin retains the industry’s strongest subject matter experts in Labour Risk Management, working with clients to ensure minimal disruption to business continuity well in advance of collective bargaining negotiations to guarantee sound, achievable operational plans, in conjunction with client business continuity plans to increase overall safety, ensure the plan’s success, and reduce tensions between management and unionized staff upon their return to work.


We partner with clients to navigate the challenges of operating a business during a labour dispute and we provide solutions to control the environment. We develop and oversee labour risk strategies, policy and procedure development, corporate security programs, emergency management response and recovery plans, and training.

As labour risk experts, Paladin has assisted clients in some of Canada’s longest and most complex labour risk deployments. We provide strategic continuity planning and operational management for highly-regulated industries such as aviation and cannabis and deliver superior service for our clients in the oil and gas, mining, critical infrastructure and transportation sectors.

Our clients depend on our professionalism and knowledge at a time when their risk and reputational liability is at its highest.

  • Pre-strike Vulnerability and Contingency Planning
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Intelligence Gathering
  •  Management Awareness Training
  • Property Delineation and Marking Services
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Alternate Labour Sourcing
  • Picket Line Surveillance for Injunction Relief
  • Access Control Audit or Implementation
  • CCTV Solutions
  • Executive Protection


Choosing the right provider for your LRM needs is key to minimizing:

  • Criminal Behaviour
  • Preventing injury to persons and damage to property
  • Limiting customer /client dissatisfaction

And safeguarding:

  • Reputational Risk
  • Defusing Management /Employee

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