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The risk from environmental, political, criminal, extremism, or terrorism can threaten and negatively impact your safety and security. Paladin’s Integrated security programs and executive services are intelligence-led, tailored and structured appropriately and proportionately for the risk, utilizing non-uniformed security specialists, trained in safeguarding property and assets, to support clients’ executive security needs. Executive Services are scalable and are provided for private and large-scale events, executive travel, Annual General Meetings, High-Risk Terminations, or on request.


At Paladin Risk Solutions, we believe that a structured, logical, and risk-based security program that is aligned with an organization’s goals and objectives and the enterprise risk framework, can help to provide the foundation for the protection of staff, property and reputation and support the organization with business continuity. We offer scalable solutions tailored to your specific security concerns.

Backed by over 40 years of experience, we have extensive capabilities providing executive services to manage complex security and risk. Our team of highly trained professionals boast backgrounds in law enforcement, military, intelligence services, and the security industry and are experienced at mitigating risk and threats, in high-risk situations, and hostile environments, locally and on an international scale.

Our integrated security and executive services are unparalleled in the industry.

  • Security Risk Consultancy and Advisory
  • Threat Risk Assessments
  • Dedicated Executive Protection Professionals
  • Corporate Security Programs
  • Travel Risk Management & Duty of Care Programs
  • BlueSky Risk Intelligence Monitoring
  • High Risk Terminations
  • Environmental Awareness and Anti-Kidnap Training


  • Safe and secure, peace of mind
  • Dedicated and trusted service
  • Discreet, private, and personalized service

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